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Infusion Healthcare


Infusion Healthcare provides intravenous infusions and vascular access services for the healthcare sector in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Nurse owned and operated with medical oversite, Infusion Healthcare is patient driven and committed to providing quality, evidenced-based practice and access to world class infusion and vascular access services your patients deserve.

Our Services Include


Our infusion and vascular access services cut costs, free up medical staff and improve patient outcomes.


We can insert  midline catheters to meet the individualised vascular access needs of your patients. 


We collaborate with healthcare providers  to offer intravenous infusion services from our Infusion Lounge.
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Experienced Infusion and Vascular Access Team

We provide excellence in patient care and cost-effective infusion and vascular access services for patients and healthcare facilities. If you require an infusion, PICC or midline insertion, please complete the online referral form or call us on 0800 PICC US (0800 7422 87).

Infusion Healthcare offers support to both patient and healthcare providers to ensure a smooth discharge and aftercare, with minimum complications and/or disruptions to treatment. Through respected and lasting partnerships with healthcare facilities, we can continue to put the patient first and extend the highest standards of infusion and vascular access care for oncology, medical, and surgical specialties to our community.

If you require services for infusion therapy, insertion, removal or care of PICC or midlines, get in touch. We look forward to working with you to help make patient care better – together!

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